I’m here to help you love homeownership.

I love living in Ottawa and its many communities, and I love to learn about the many components that make each neighbourhood unique. From museums to malls, and from golf courses to grocers, every community has something special to offer.

I combine my knowledge with my career-long experience to help my clients find a home in a neighbourhood perfectly suited to their lifestyle, while calling on trusted partners to assist with staging, repairs, and possible upgrades to support a strong pricing strategy.

I’ll accompany you on your homeownership journey.

My job is not only to create listings and negotiate offers, but also to understand financing and inspections, supervise appraisals and home repairs, know the relevant bylaws and disclosures, manage the many required documents, and to help my clients transition in and out of homes.

Everything I do is to help my clients enjoy peace of mind during every step of the homeownership journey.